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         One of the contributing factors appeared to be television, especially when the
    messages on TV shows or commercials made the teens feel that drinking would make them
    happier or more popular. Austin said kids “are vulnerable to wishful thinking, and the ads play
    right into that by showing them all the great things that are supposed to happen when you
    drink alcohol. This influence on teen attitudes begins early. “We think this study and others
    are making it pretty clear that the media can prime children to drink long before they have the
    opportunity to do so,” Austin said.
        The researcher, however, said that parents played an important role in either
    encouraging or discouraging their children to drink. In fact, the study showed that parents who
    take critical position concerning television programming usually pass that on to their  kids,
    and their teens are less likely to drink. Austin said it was important that parents helped kids
    “see the fallacies in alcohol portrayals that seem desirable but are untrue or misleading.”
    This shows parents’ comments do matter. You shouldn’t give up in the face of an obstinate
    adolescent who on the surface seems to be rejecting your comments. He may be absorbing
    it in a way you don’t appreciate. (American Family Association)

    TALK to your kids and EDUCATE them on the dangers of alcohol
    Set a good EXAMPLE for your children
    Celebrate holidays and family events ALCOHOL-FREE
    Never SUPPLY your child or their friends with alcohol

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Kids Pick Up Parents’ Drinking Habits
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