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students (both undergraduate
and graduate students) in
2007, up from 10 percent in
2006, according to U.S. Census
Bureau tables released today.
Hispanics comprise 15 percent
of the nation's total population.

School Enrollment in the United
States: 2007 contains eight
detailed tables based on
statistics collected in the
October School Enrollment
Supplement to the Current
Population Survey. The
national-level data are shown
by characteristics such as age,
sex, race, Hispanic origin, family
income, type of college,
employment status and
vocational course enrollment.

Women continue their majority
status, comprising 55 percent
of undergraduates and 60
percent of graduate students.

Other highlights:

--  In 2007, 53 percent of
Hispanic 4-year-olds were
enrolled in nursery school, up
from 43 percent in 1997 and 21
percent in 1987.

-- In 2007, 27 percent of the
population 3 or older were
enrolled in classes -- from
nursery school to graduate

-- More than half (59 percent)
of all 4-year-olds and 39
percent of 3-year-olds were
enrolled in nursery school.

-- Students in grades one
through 12 made up 64 percent
of people 3 and older enrolled
in school.

-- Students 35 or older
comprised 15 percent of people
enrolled in college. They made
up 7 percent of the full-time
college students and 36
percent of those attending part
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